Life Coaching & Psychotherapy

Overcoming Obstacles

You would like to live a healthier life-style, lose weight, be more assertive, change jobs, go back to school, work more efficiently, stop arguing with your partner, watch less TV… You have tried to achieve those goals and to make the necessary changes before, but after a while you seem to go back to your old habits. Out of guilt, you may try again, but eventually, you feel defeated and give up. Instead of asking you to try harder, we will help you overcome those obstacles that keep you from changing. Motivational interviewing and the Stages of Change Theory state that we don’t change until we are ready. Instead of pushing yourself to change before you are ready, let’s find out what you can to do to be ready. Once you are ready, change will come much more easily.

Depending on your goals, we offer different modalities to help you overcome those obstacles that keep you stuck.

Virtual Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone who listens to you, understands you, is there for you. You are looking for someone who will help you deal with difficult emotions and situations, make complex decisions and change entrenched behavior patterns. I cannot promise you that your life will go smoothly from now on, BUT I can promise you that I will do my best to understand you, your feelings and thoughts, and to support you while you find solutions to your problems, look at your situation from a new perspective and transform your life.

Online counseling is available within hours, sometimes minutes of your decision to tackle your issues. There are no drives to a therapist’s office or time spent in a waiting room. Online Coaching is available when you need it. I can often schedule sessions for the same day and will be available when you need someone to listen. Sometimes it is easier to address sensitive issues from the privacy of your own home and with some sense of anonymity.

While I am happy to provide intake questionnaires so you can tell me about the situations that led up to the current issue, I’m also happy to just provide support during a crisis. Some of my clients schedule weekly sessions, some contact me once or twice a year when they face a difficult situation, and some work with me very intensely for a few weeks during a crisis. Long-term counseling is not for everyone. I’m happy to support you for as short or as long a time as it makes sense.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a mental state of deep relaxation. It allows you to access the subconscious part of your mind, the part that stores your memories, manages your emotions, holds your habits, and accesses your creativity.  Hypnotherapy is an experiential process that utilizes a combination of traditional hypnosis in conjunction with gestalt techniques and energy work to identify the source or origin of emotional and/or physical distress. It can facilitate profound healing by enabling a person to connect to suppressed or dissociated feelings, to change old rules and beliefs about themselves and to reclaim personal power.

Weight Release and Healthy Eating

The Trim-Life Weight Release  program uses the power of your subconscious mind to “change your mind” about food, eating, and physical activity. It is  a therapeutic approach to emotional eating by releasing guilt, shame, fear, and resentments that have led to repeated failures in the past.
We use hypnotherapy to increase motivation for physical activity,  to make healthy food choices, to reverse negative self-talk, to change a distorted body image, to focus on one day at a time, one meal at a time, to install inner tools that work to decrease cravings, and to hear the body’s inner voice about when to eat, when you are satisfied, and when you ate too much. With hypnosis we can go into our inner “programming” and change old beliefs and conclusions about ourselves and about food, so we are then able to change our behaviors, our choices, and our eating patterns.

Life CoachingPricePrice if Pre-paid
Intro Deal (3 sessions of 50 minutes each)-$150
Virtual Coaching (60 Minutes via Skype or Phone)$70$65
Virtual Coaching Package(5 Sessions of 30 Minutes each)$180$150
Hypnotherapy (90 Minutes)$150$135
Weight Release (4 sessions of 90-120 minutes each) includes $40 of materials-$400

I would be happy to offer the weight release program for a group of up to 10 people. Get together a few friends and we can make it happen. Cost per person decreases with a larger number of participants. Call 239-223-3303 for more information and to set up your weight release program.


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